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 Freedom Guru 1.7.1

While these reflections require a more serious commitment, they can help you experience Inner Freedom in just a single session.

It is created with the single intention to help and guide you through the journey to becoming the Master of your Freedom. So that you can create and live an extraordinary life of peace, love, joy, abundance and freedom.

Every single reflection you will find here will help you become aware of the limitations that hold you back from an extraordinary life of freedom.

Freedom Guru is an exhaustive reservoir of reflections that will help you with every challenge, aspiration, opportunity or limitation that you might find yourself in. It is like having access to the handbook of life.

It gives you the freedom to unshackle yourself from every limiting belief and gives you the wisdom to journey into an extraordinary life.

Be it the freedom to love yourself or to forgive yourself or the freedom to begin the day with joy or the freedom to discover greater love in relationships or the freedom to empower yourself for peace, joy, love & success.

The freedom to overcome loss and failure. The freedom to overcome addictions and habits and a whole array of disempowering emotions. There is a reflection for all.

When you become aware, you will see the truth. When you see the truth, you are able to set yourself free.

With the Freedom Guru app in your hands, you no longer have to wait, or depend on anyone else to set you free. You can find freedom anytime, anywhere.

With over 102 Freedom Reflections to browse through and many more to come, you will find your answer to the most powerful question in the world: “What is stopping me from creating and living an extraordinary life of freedom?”.

Be it our 15- 20 minute Reflection or the 7-day Freedom Challenge or the 21-days Deepening Journey, all are crafted to guide you to be the Master of your Freedom.

The app will also help you create your own personal "Map to Freedom", to keep track of your progress in the journey.

Go on, create and live an extraordinary life. Find the answer to the most powerful question in the world.

Be your own Freedom Guru. Be the Master of your Freedom.


Freedom Guru has an introductory value offer of 3 auto renewing subscription plans:

US$9.99 per month
US$49.99 per 6months
US$59.99 per year (almost $4.99 per month)

The prices of the Subscription Model will be displayed at the "Subscriptions" page within the App. Please note, while the prices within the App will be displayed in USD, if you are outside of the United States of America, you will be charged in the local/applicable currency, at a price equivalent to the fees corresponding to a Subscription Model selected by you, after currency conversion as applied by our app marketplace partners.

The Privacy Policy for Freedom Guru is available on

The Terms of Use for Freedom Guru are available on https://freedomguru.com/terms-of-use/

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