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 Twittle It Search 1.1.1

To search using Twittle It search:

1- Do a standard search on any topic
2- Swipe and identify a few likes and dislikes.
3- "To whittle it" Hit the "Twittle It" bar above the search
4- See what the AI engine thinks about all of your results, see how it sorts through them for you based on your few limited swipes. See how it gives you what you want in an order you want it without having to read all the results yourself.

Also there are special Movies and Restaurant search features. Movie module allows user to sort through Upcoming, Popular, Top Rated movies in the Twittle It App’s intuitive environment.

Through the Restaurant module the user can swipe through a few restaurants that are near his location, popular joints and places of low, mid and top price ranges. Let the app bring new ideas to the top of the list based on a few swipes. Surprise yourself with places to go that you did not know you might like.

The engine's goal is to resort the results based on your thoughts as indicated by your swipes (even if you don't know why you swiped away some restaurant the app will figure it out).

Twittle it (to whittle it) will become the new standard in self directed search. Giving control back to you, the user, not the master engine. Don't be trapped into search that only tells you what a million others just like you wanted when they did the same search. Find what you want without having to change the search terms three times to get it.

User control and serendipity is restored!

Your personal swipe history keeps records of the searches made and the swipes that occurred on those searches. It helps you recall what you were thinking when going back to a search last week, last month or last year.

The Twittle It Search App provides a serendipitous experience to its user, understanding what the user wants and suggesting what the user is sure to like.

Enjoy the new way to search :)

Alan M Reznik MD MBA

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