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 Settle Card 1.0

Settle Card is a single-player game. The game has different levels, and the difficulty level increases with the level. The player chooses the target level according to his choice in "Settings". Before the game starts, players need to choose a suit. When the game starts, the game timer will start. The timer and total card collection will change at each level. The card drops from the top, and the player clicks the card from the game board. If the card suit matches the card he selected, he will get a card in his collection. If the player clicks on any card, the card suit does not match the card suit he selected, the player may lose a card from his collection, so the card can be subtracted from the total number of cards. The game will continue until the timer runs out. After the player has collected all the cards, he will enter the next level. The game will continue until the player reaches the target level.

Home Screen: This screen contains options like Play, Statistics, Share, Settings, Help.

Select Suit: The player needs to choose a suit for playing the game.

Game Screen: On this screen, when the game starts, the game timer will start. The screen will show how many cards need to be collected to complete this level. There are many cards that fall from the top, players only need to click on these cards, the suit of the card matches the selected suit. If the player clicks on the correct card, he will get one card in his total collection, otherwise, subtract one card from it. If the timer runs out, the game will end. If the player collects all cards, he will move to the next level. The player will win the game after reaching the target level.

Statistics screen: This screen displays game statistics like name of the player, target level, reached the level, selected suit, date and time

Settings: In this screen, the Player can update his name and Game Target Level.

Help Screen: This screen displays information on how to play this game.

Share App: This allows users to share the app with friends and relatives.

Let us know your feedback to help us enhance the game.

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