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Hello! ¡Hola! Nǐ hǎo! Bonjour! Kon'nichiwa!

The languages of the world are a wonder that has always enchanted learners from all walks of life. From watching the red showers of firecrackers on New Year's Day in China to marveling at the bedazzling poise of the Eiffel Tower in France, it is a fascinating experience to explore the diverse cultures and renowned places of the earth–but what is more fulfilling than being able to communicate in the same tongue as the natives and to share that same excitement and jubilation of their cultures?

Verze is the perfect app for you to jumpstart on that language you always wanted to learn. With interactive flashcards that convey the definition, pronunciation and visual representation of the phrase, responsive quizzes and games to stir your brain, and an establishment of a community of online users intertwined by social connections, Verze helps you learn the basics quickly, effortlessly, and joyfully.

The languages that are available are:
1. Chinese
2. English
3. French
4. German
5. Hindi
6. Italian
7. Japanese
8. Korean
9. Russian
10. Spanish

Verze offers Classic courses and decks in the following languages:
1. Chinese – English

We encourage every user to create their own content while learning someone else's and give continuous feedback to others by loving, saving, and commenting on their creations. Verze would greatly appreciate your feedback as well.

Happy learning!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at verze.help@gmail.com.

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