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 Spanish to English Dictionary Translator - Languix 1.1

Ever wished you could have a dictionary and a translator baked into one app? Now you can!

Introducing Languix, an all-in-one Spanish to English/English to Spanish dictionary and translator!

We asked 100 people what they wanted in a translation app - 91% wanted to be able to look up words in a dictionary AND be able to do longer translations - in the same app. Most of them also wanted an interface that wasn’t cluttered, an app that was easy to understand and had excellent speaker features for both languages at the same time. We made sure Languix had all of those things! Perfect for students, people with English/Spanish speaking friends, expatriates, or people who spend a lot of time on Social media.

The Dictionary part is for one word entries and produces the meaning of a word as well as phrases, idiomatic expressions and all of the alternative meanings that a word may have. For verbs it gives the inclinations (past tense, past participle). You will also get suggestions for related searches.

The Translation part allows you to enter in entire sentences or paragraphs of text and have them translated.

If you want to change translation language, just hit the arrow button and the languages will be switched.

For both Dictionary and Translation mode you can listen to the words by clicking on the speaker button. The speaker software is high quality with natural human voices with accurate local accents. Another great thing about Languix is that you can listen to both the word that you just typed into the search box and the result that was generated by the Dictionary or Translator. Just click the speaker button next to either field.

It’s really easy to speak into the dictionary or translator field and have it translate your voice to text. Just press Apple’s built in microphone symbol on the keyboard and start talking!

When you find a word or translation that you want to remember, just click the Plus button and the entry will be saved to a list that you can later retrieve. The save feature is smart and will remember if you saved a word in Dictionary or Translation mode. It will also keep track of whether you saved it in English or Spanish mode.

Languix also doesn’t have a ton of annoying ads like some other dictionary apps out there. This lets you search for words without getting distracted.

After downloading Languix you’ll be able to:

* Use English to Spanish, Spanish to English translation and dictionary in one app.
* Look up words with alternative meanings, examples of sentences, and get ideas for idioms and phrases.
* Translate longer text.
* Listen to both source language and target language, in both Dictionary and Translation mode.
* Choose accent for speaker.
* Enter your dictionary word, and let the app switch languages for you when needed.
* Enter your phrase or sentence, and let the app figure out if it’s an idiomatic phrase or sentence and do the right thing.
* Save your favorite words/text in the right mode for the right language.
* Retrieve and delete saved entries.
* Find live human translation service.

Languix also has a number of settings that the user can change:
- Select the specific accent that you want for the speaker (for English you can select US, UK or Australian accent, for Spanish you can select Mexican, Spanish or Colombian accent).
- Detect language: If you type in a Spanish word while in English mode, the app can detect language and flip it for you. You also have the option to turn it off.
- Detect phrase: If you’re in Dictionary mode and you type in a longer sentence, the app will flip over to Translation mode and give you a translation. You have the option to turn off this feature. (The app can, however, detect known phrases in Dictionary mode.)

We really hope you will enjoy Languix! Please provide us with feedback and ideas at support@bluesalt.studio.
We’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for downloading Languix!

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