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 PandaPal (AAC) 1.8

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PandaPal - Autism Communication System is a user friendly communication tool that has been proven over the past 7 years to help facilitate communication and improve language skills, designed by Kim Scott-DeLand, M.S., CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist. This communication system allows non-verbal children and adults to exchange information by activating icons and creating sentence strips to exchange information. Panda Pal has proven to improve the speech and language skills of thousands of children with autism in over 200 countries and growing! Panda Pal was the first original application to use real photos and has its unique “touch and hold” button to avoid mistakes and over activation of icons. Panda Pal uses an adorable gender-neutral panda bear, your child’s pal, to help him/her communicate throughout their day!

• “First & Then,” “Schedule Board” and an “AAC device” are all included in Panda Pal.

• Panda Pal comes with 12 common categories, however the Pro Version allows the user to add as many photos/categories as needed.
• Categories can be deleted, added or replaced and customized to meet the needs of the user.
• Once a category is selected the user is taken to a new screen of that chosen page.
• Each page comes with a sample of approximately 20+ icons, all of which can also be modified to meet the specific needs of the user.
• PandaPal is as customizable as you would like to make it (photo, audio, word) and accessible in ALL languages!

• App uses real photos, so you wont see any confusing abstract drawings.
• Kim has found that by using real photos her clients are more successful with communication and demonstrated 70% less frustration and confusion.

• Used for certain high frequency words such as; “want,” “please,” “yes/no” and "more."

• This entire app was designed to be modified to meet the individual needs of the user and to allow for language growth.
• Words, phrases and entire messages are recorded in digitized speech, however users can choose to re-record in their own voice or a familiar voice of mom/dad or a sibling, which has been proven to help children with autism feel more comfortable and help develop verbal speech.
• Real speech provides natural prosody and allows the user to hear and model accurate speech as opposed to unnatural ‘robotic speech.’

• Achieved by teaching your child to read by placing words directly on top or below each photo, you can modify this in settings.
• Font size, color and style can be modified to meet your needs.

• It is a unique, one of a kind feature, designed by Kim Scott-DeLand, M.S., CCC-SLP, to help prevent small hands from unintentionally tapping the wrong icons.
• When this feature is turned on, it requires that you touch and hold the intended icon for one second, as displayed by a progress meter, before activation occurs.
• Now for the first time, users can touch icons without accidentally selecting them.
• Kim designed this feature after hours of research with her clients and it has been proven to help clients make accurate choices.
• Touch-And-Hold is optional and can be turned on or off in settings.

• This is the first and only app that allows for the icon to be easily modified to fit your child’s needs.
• Extra large icons (2 icons fit the entire page) or as small as 24 icons per page for higher-level language learners.

• Just with one tap of the star button saves a sentence that your child created.
• Watch your child’s language develop and keep a record of your child’s success!
• Great tool for SLP’s and educators.

• A program designed to teach children that one event must come before another.
• For example, First "homework” and Then "snack.”
• Simple select the events from the built in library or take a photo and add them into place of either ‘First’ or ‘Then.’

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