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 Octoskills 3.01.25

OctoSkills is free of charge tool to promote and measure the transversal skills that are typical for an entrepreneurial person and for enterprising behaviour.

By using the app:
- as a teacher, you can measure and follow the development of your students’ entrepreneurial skills and find out how your teaching can improve those skills.
- as a student, you can discover your level of entrepreneurial skills and follow your own improvement and development.

Entrepreneurship means the ability to use many different skills and competences.
Entrepreneurial skills include creativity skills, sense of initiative, teamwork skills, planning skills, ability to handle uncertainty and ambiguity, ability to organise resources, self-confidence, and financial knowledge.
Entrepreneurial skills are important life skills, which every individual can learn and will benefit from in his or her work life and personal life.

”Entrepreneurship is a key competence for life” – The European Commission, 2007

The tool is based on surveys and on self-assessment.

It contains questionnaires for the teacher and for the student.

The process:
1. The teacher creates a teacher profile and answers questions about teaching style and practice.
2. The teacher creates a class survey and gives the unique class code to the students.
3. The student creates a profile and uses the unique code to get access to the class survey.
4. When all the students have answered the survey, the teacher has access to the class result.

As a teacher, you can create one or more surveys during the course of your teaching. More than one survey will allow you to discover your students' development of skills - and the effects of your teaching.
As a student, you can take the survey to discover your level and development of entrepreneurial skills.

Results are visualised in spiderwebs showing before and after levels.

The tool is research-based. OctoSkills users are guaranteed anonymity and their results will be used in further research in entrepreneurship education.

Benefits - teacher
§ shows the effects of your teaching
§ indicates where to make an extra effort and improve results
§ shows your pupils’/students’ development of different skills
§ allows teachers and students to have an ongoing dialoque about learning outcomes and transversal entrepreneurial skills

Benefits - pupil/student
§ shows which skills you have developed
§ indicates your level of different skills
§ allows you to follow the development of your own skills

Range and Yes/No questions
Class level results in spiderwebs featuring before and after

Extended features with OctoDash.
- Individual student results
- Dashboard for comparing results on micro and macro levels
- Analysis of results, including recommendations for further teaching and learning
These and coming features will help strengthen the cooperation and inter-communication between the teacher and the individual student.


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