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 Ni Hao 1 Traditional 1.6.0

This Ni Hao 1 eCourse is in traditional characters but is based on the simplified edition and is the first of five Ni Hao eCourse levels. It is designed for students who have no prior knowledge of the Chinese language. It teaches students basic greetings and introductions and equips them to talk about their family, pets, friends, sport and food.

Ni Hao eCourse combines the Textbook, Student Workbook and Games from the 你好 Nǐ Hǎo Series and brings them to life in one, easy to use App complete with interactive functions to enhance learning capabilities.

Zhuyin fuhao (bo po mo fo) as is used in Taiwan is included in vocabulary and character lists.

* Listen, repeat, record and review your speech and compare it to that of native speakers
* Carry out role-plays of conversations in the book
* Play fun and interactive games that reinforce the language learnt
* Use the iPad’s Pinyin and Handwriting input systems to write in Chinese
* Complete class activities and homework electronically
* Email and print out results for your teacher

你好 Nǐ Hǎo Series is a complete course for beginning students of Chinese. It is designed for middle and high school students but also suitable for upper primary schools and individuals. The course introduces Chinese language and culture while teaching communication in both spoken and written Chinese. Students are taught to use Chinese in the classroom, playground, local community and countries where Chinese is spoken.

* Useful language at an achievable level
* Equal emphasis on the four language skills
* Active and repetitive use of new language
* Use of Pinyin as pronunciation guide only
* Progressive teaching of characters
* Logical introduction of new sentence structures
* Clear grammar explanations accompanied by practical examples
* Introduces related cultural topics

The eCourse TEXTBOOK
Features the language to be learnt in an interactive format. The eCourse content is the same as in the hard copy Textbook making it great for schools currently using the 你好 Nǐ Hǎo Series and looking for an easy switch to the electronic form.
Each lesson includes the following subsections -
* Illustrated Conversation (main text)
* Learn the Sentences
* New Words and Expressions
* Write the Characters
* Something to Know (culture)

Consists of a variety of tasks and activities for students to complete in class or as homework.
Each lesson contains -
* E-exercises: These consist of exercises to be completed on the iPad. Students use the iPad’s Pinyin or Handwriting input systems to write Chinese. Results are saved in the student’s profile and can be emailed or printed for the teacher.
* Handwritten exercises: These include individual and classroom-based activities to be printed and completed by hand. The handwritten tasks give students the opportunity to practise character writing and sentence structure, express their opinions and interpretations and be creative in their responses.

The eCourse GAMES
Contains five different games which reinforce the new characters and phrases learnt. Results are saved in the student’s profile and can be emailed or printed for the teacher.
Each lesson contains the following games -
* Expressions
* Memory
* Construction
* Mahjong
* Quick Pick

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