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 Moment AR 1.0

PLEASE NOTE: This app requires a MERGE Cube and a smartphone or a tablet to play. To find out how to get a MERGE Cube and learn more, visit our website at: https://www.MergeCube.com.

Help a child open up about themselves and their feelings with The Moment App. Appealing cartoon characters with the latest in augmented reality technology are used to engage a child in discussions about emotions.
The Moment App can be used as a tool by psychologists, other professionals, and/or parents to facilitate therapeutic communication with children, with the app being specially designed for children and young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), those in need of mental health support, social and language development. The Moment App is able to trigger a child’s curiosity and engagement by turning the usually passive 2D content into interactive 3D augmented reality (AR) content. Once the child is engaged by the app, they have a higher probability of engaging with others about what they are seeing in the app, and how it might relate to them personally.
Emotional development can be a major stumbling block for anyone, The Moment App serves as a means to engage with difficult feelings/emotions and social-emotional situations. The Moment App works with the Merge Cube to deliver an interactive audio-visual experience grounded in the real world with the latest in augmented reality technology.
Simply point your mobile device’s camera at the Merge Cube, and the interactive and engaging characters of the Moment App come to life. The characters represent different challenging emotions and portray a wide variety of emotional situations and social interactions. Select from a variety of different emotional situations by simply tapping on the various characters on screen. With a simple and easy to use interface; children of a wide variety of developmental levels can engage with the Moment App completely, or be passively engaged while the professional drives the experience.
Engaging characters in a variety of familiar and social-emotional situations, in augmented reality, serves as a basis for discussion, for learning and for growth. The Moment App is designed to use the latest technology to help psychologists, other professionals, and parents reach children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) but is intended to be beneficial in facilitating emotional discussion between any individuals.

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