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 iMolview Lite 1.9.4

Explore the fascinating world of biological macromolecules:
iMolview Lite lets you browse and view in 3D protein and DNA structures from Protein Data Bank, and drug molecules from DrugBank. Search for drug names like 'ibuprofen' or 'gefitinib' in DrugBank, or proteins like 'insulin' or 'thyroid receptor' in PDB. Information associated with each molecule in these databases is also at your fingertips. Sync and view your own structure files via iTunes. Molecular view can be customized with a rich set of molecular representations (wires, balls-and-sticks, space filling, ribbon diagrams, molecular surfaces) and various coloring schemes. Select residues, atoms or chains and color or change their representations individually. Select 'neighbors' of a ligand or any other selection to identify interacting atoms or residues. Set 'inertia' to the maximum and let your molecule spin in 3D indefinitely.

If you have more than a casual interest in 3D structures, please consider full iMolview version, which adds many features you may find useful:

- store your custom molecular visualizations as 'slides' to be instantly displayed later, preserving chosen representations, color schemes, viewpoint etc.
- measure distances and angles
- instantly e-mail screenshots to colleagues
- VGA output support - 3D view mirroring and 'laser pointer' emulation for structural data presentations from your iPhone or iPad
- load and display simultaneously multiple structures; superimpose using either residue number correspondence, sequence alignment or structural alignment with sophisticated iterative procedure
- auto-assign secondary structure for PDB entries lacking this data
- use side-by-side stereo display for even more vivid 3D viewing.
- much more to come!

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