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 HeartiSense Instructor 2.1.2

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Are you well prepared to save a life?

Each year, a total of three million people around the world die of acute cardiac arrest,
and it takes only about four minutes for them to lose their life.
To prevent such irretrievable events, we have designed HeartiSense.

In this era of numerous smart devices, CPR training still lags several decades behind developments.
As a result, CPR training tends to be less interesting and more boring than necessary.

HeartiSense makes existing CPR manikins much smarter.
HeartiSense enables accurate and effective training and assessment, along with increased engagement in the training process and easier trainee management.

The impressive CPR training experience provided by HeartiSense will help you save your own life and the lives of people around you.
Now, get prepared with HeartiSense.
There is someone who needs your help, and you can be prepared anywhere, anytime.

The HeartiSense Instructor app is designed for instructors to control the HeartiSense Student
app of one or more trainees and help their learning process. Instructors can watch at a
glance the real-time details of trainees’ practice and connect the monitor app with the HeartiSense LMS to manage training data.

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