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 Hands-On Math Attribute Blocks 3.0

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Hands-On Math Attribute Blocks provides an interactive learning environment for learning and enhancing mathematical concepts related to set theory, geometry, number theory, and logical thinking. It is a perfect classroom tool for core mathematics instruction and enrichment. While using this app students will use mathematical thinking skills to solve randomly generated problems. Students will find the challenges solvable through interaction. The skills learned are relevant to the elementary mathematics curriculum. Encourage your students to try Hands-On Math Attribute Blocks, and as they do you will see them get better at many basic math skills.

Attribute Blocks offers 8 levels of difficulty. Younger learners will benefit from the settings where the challenge is to place blocks and determine the logical rules for which blocks are accepted and which blocks are rejected. For older students teachers may want to use some of the options where the challenge is to find a missing rule for a pattern or Venn diagram.

Targeted Mathematical Development in the Following Areas:

Set Theory - Sets, subsets, negations, union, intersection and Venn diagrams

Geometry - Names and properties of shapes

Number Theory - Sequences and patterns

Logic and Reasoning - Solving logical problems using the scientific method, deductive reasoning


Level 1: Shapes and Colors - Getting Familiar with Attribute Blocks

Level 2: Classifying Shapes - Recognizing Similar Attributes

Level 3: Classifying Shapes using Two Attributes - Recognizing Similarities and Differences

Level 4: Logicial Patterns - Recognizing Differences to Develop a Pattern

Level 5: 2 x 2 - Logical Problem Solving based on Attributes and Differences

Level 6: 3 x 3 - Logical Problem Solving based on Attributes and Differences

Level 7: Venn Diagram - Logical Relationships (Two Attributes)

Level 8: Venn Diagram - Logical Relationships (Three Attributes)

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