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 Flipboku Apollo AR 1.01

This AR app is a complementary feature for the Apollo 11 Flip Book Edition, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing and published by Flipboku in 2019 with the help of 1483 backers on Kickstarter.

This special edition includes 2 flip books: Volume 1 features the iconic footage of the Apollo 11 journey shot during the different stages of the mission. Volume 2 shows the most complex and significant maneuvers of the mission, with animated recreations based on NASA’s original artwork.

The flip books feature 12 different sequences (6 each) that can be triggered by changing the position of your thumb. In addition to this, the flip books sleeves include a selection of the Apollo 11 3D model spacecraft, viewable through this app.


Choose the model of your preference from the main menu and place the slipcase of the matching flip book in front of the camera.

Volume 1 - The Iconic Footage, recreates a 3D model of the Saturn V rocket, the largest rocket ever created. By activating the animation you will see the separation sequence of the different stages of the rocket (No sound).

Volume 2 - The Animated Journey, you will discover the configuration of the Command and Service Module attached to the Lunar Module. When the animation is activated, a recreation of the Transposition and Docking manoeuvre will be displayed, carried out in Earth orbit after the launch and prior to the trip to the moon (No sound).

Anniversary Sleeve - The golden embossed sleeve features a recreation of the mighty lunar module. Activating the animated sequence displays a recreation of the last seconds of the moon landing, integrated with the real audio transmitted between the LM and NASA at that historic moment.

In addition, each model includes complementary content in its respective menu, extending information and facts about the construction of each spacecraft and videos with real footage of the mission from NASA's archives.


We highly recommend not making sudden movements with the phone or the slipcases. If for any reason you can not activate any of the models on their respective slipcases, slowly move your smartphone and make small pauses until you get to visualize the model. This is a first official version and it is possible that due to the amount of different devices that exist in the market, there are still some bugs that we will improve in future updates. For any questions or feedback on its use, write to support@flipboku.com

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