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 ETTS TransportManagerApp 1.0

Rising traffic and unsafe conditions have made accidents or mishaps common even in the case of school bus transportation. Most of this can be avoided with proper monitoring and communication by a school authority.

A school bus fleet manager may not be able to access the Transport manager web application all time. Our transport manager app has been designed with the aim of helping school bus fleet managers while on-the-go

This school bus app provides the school bus fleet manager with the ability to communicate and monitor his/her whole fleet.

With the transport manager app, the school bus fleet manager will be able to:

• Track parked buses and know whether they are available or unavailable.

• Call the driver directly and discreetly through various options such as phone, skype, etc..

• Assign pickup for a single time or for repeated times (like from Monday to Friday) to individual drivers

• Instant pickup can be assigned in case of such one-off instances.

• The status, location and other details such as name, parked time, etc... of buses are graphically represented on a map. They can be viewed on a single touch.

• The map shows live feedback of buses along with movement.

• All vehicles can be tracked at the same time on the app

• The status of buses is uploaded to the server every 5 minutes while parked on this school bus app. There is also a parked mode during which the status will be updated only once in a day to reduce the load on the server.

• See scheduled trips in the next 3 hours

• Sort the view according to type- driver or scheduled

• This school bus app helps to note untracked vehicles, and understand if they are either due to hardware failure of data subscription expiry or some other reason.

• The transport manager will be able to see device health for each school bus, thorough the Health check section.

• Communicate with the driver through call or sms

• Push notifications to parents are based on shift times. When not in shift timings, parents are not sent unnecessary notifications.

• Push notifications, which are categorized as alerts, emergencies, dangers and info

• Panic alarm – part of push notifications

• Vehicle battery health

• Device notifications – alert calls or emergency calls are sent to 2 pre-defined phone numbers

• Location and GPS quality (poor, average, good)

• Last managed status (taken once in 10-15 minutes)

• Driver details can also be managed with the transport manager app.

• Upload photo of individual drivers

• Uploaded photos are instantly synced across devices and web and mobile formats

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