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 Dogs Pedia: Breed identifier 1.1.5

The world just got better for Dog Lovers! The latest Dogs Pedia – Dog Breed Identifier is the perfect app for anyone who just can’t resist these four-legged angels.

From breed identification to breed selection, this Dog Identifier app is your very own mini-encyclopedia about everything related to dogs.

But what makes it better than all the other Dog Apps in the market? Well, below are some of the best features that make this Dog Identifier app better than all other Dog Apps in the market:

Interface Gone are the days when you’d have to search through hundreds of pages or scroll through countless web pages to find what you are looking for. With this app, you do everything with just a click. And to make things more interesting, the app lets you choose between four different layouts.

Breed Identification The main charm of the app is the Dog Identifier feature that lets you know the breed of any dog. All you have to do is take the picture of the dog or choose a photo of your dog from your phone and click. Within a second the app’s efficient algorithm will tell you the exact breed of the dog in the picture.

Vast database: The app contains data of more than six hundred Dog breeds in the world. Moreover, it also includes data of the most popular cross breeds so there is hardly any dog in the world that cannot be identified using the app.

Selection: If you want to adopt a dog and cannot choose between several Dogs Breeds, this app will do that for you. Using various filters of the app you will be able to find the best dog breed that would be perfect for you and your family. Maybe you are not looking for a specific breed but a specific trait or group of traits. Say, you do not want a guard dog but a family dog that will be suitable for your kids to play with. Well, guess what? This app has your back covered!

Dogs Pedia – Dog Breed Identifier lets you choose from various dog groups as listed below: • Companion Dogs • Working Dogs • Hound Dogs • Herding Dogs • Terrier Dogs • Sporting Dogs • Hybrid Dogs • Gun Dogs • Mixed Breed Dogs

But that’s not it, apart from Dogs Breeds and groups, the app also lets you choose from various federations and clubs such as the Canadian Kennel Club; Federation and clubs selector; Federation Cynologique Internationale; The Kennel Club, etc.

Searching: Maybe you want to search for a particular dog breed but you can’t seem to remember the name. This app lets you find all the Dog breeds using efficient sorting parameters such as size, popularity, height, etc. And more…
There are countless other features such as cute photos and YouTube videos of all the Dog breeds, standardized metrics for height and weight, and options for feedback.

And if you are bored, you can always take a photo of yourself to see what breed would you be if you were a dog!

Isn’t that exciting? So, what’s holding you back? Download the Dogs Pedia – Dog Breed Identifier app right away and become one of the true Dog Lovers!

Do you have any questions or feedback?

Contact: dogbreeds.feedback@gmail.com

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