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 Dog Breed Camera 1.1

The breed of a dog is determined from a photo taken with the device's camera or selected from the device's photo gallery.

Dog breed results are shown as a breed name as well as a percentage. The higher the percentage, the more likely the breed result is correct.

An additional two possible dog breeds and accompanying percentages are shown in descending order.

There are six possibilities to interpret the results:

1. The dog breed shown is correct beyond much doubt. In this case the highest percentage reads 100%.
2. The result with the highest percentage is the correct dog breed.
4. Any of the three results greater than zero identifies the correct dog breed.
3. All three percentages have a value greater than zero because the dog is a mixed breed.
5. The correct breed is not shown because it is ranked lower in probability than third from the top.
6. The correct breed is not shown in any one of the three results because the breed not currently in the image dataset.

Often a more definitive result is obtained by taking additional shots from different angles. Also close-up shots of the dog's head and face are often effective to get better results.

It takes mere milliseconds to return the results because the image analysis and computations are performed from within the app and the device's AI chip.

No internet connection is required.

Photo gallery clatter is avoided by not saving photos taken with the device's camera.

What you see is what you get. There are no in-app purchases necessary to get full functionality.

There are no ads to obliterate your screen.

Just for fun, take shot of a friend or a selfie. The app will recognize you or your friend as persons and it also makes a determination as to which two dog breeds you resemble.

The app supports 178 dog breeds with an emphasis on the most popular ones.

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