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 CREACUBE-English 1.2

This is the best way to teach basic math without a book.

Continuous play with Times table cube is not only helpful for easy and fast learning of the basis of mathematics like times table and fundamental arithmetic operations, but is also effective for the creativity development.

Three-step learning system of times table cube : Challenge - Immersion - Coaching
Your kids can be a master of mathematics with a Times-table cube.

description of the product

The development of mathematical concepts and understanding with the use of concrete math materials : Just playing with times table cube, children can improve their mathematical concepts, thinking and spatial perceptual abilities by themselves.
“Prizes”, A feeling of happiness from the achievement through the step-by-step challenges! : With the help of our scientific applications, your children can do self-directed learning by arousing various positive emotions and maximizing perceptivity.
Effective mathematics learning through various sensory stimulations : Playing with Times table cube in both hands is more effective in activation of left brain as it helps the learning of times table and the four fundamental arithmetic operations done in cooperation with the other senes like sight, hearing and touches.

The Times-table Cube is designed to solve math problems presented by the cube (out of 1,136 math problems). Also included is the task of memorizing the Times-table song. As the cube makes various problems with sound and light, Your kids will find the answer in their brain and find & press the cube.

- I think it is so good to study math with play (ID:JJmom)
-The kids love it. I think I love the way kids learn by playing. It also seems to help children exercise their small muscles. Mothers like more than children. (ID:sjpour)
-With beautiful toys, the child can compete with other children and study math with fun, so that they can be more creative. Very good.(ID:twinkle_sujung)

How it works
Times-table Cube lets our kids go on an exciting challenge trip to collect 6 cubics. Gather the 6 jewels below and become the Master of the Times-table Cube.
Solving the problems provided by the cube and the interesting Times-table Song challenge will help them get the cubics. Also, with the Times-table Cube APP, Mothers can cheer and coach her child's challenge easily and with fun.

3-step learning system by times table cube

The ‘Challenging’ Journey to find 6 cubics : In the program, there are totally 6 kinds of cubics which challenge the users : addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, multiplication-table and master-cubic. Each cubic can be acquired if the user solves the problems of the 3 steps in order.

The 'immersion' in times-table cube with the 5 senses : Thanks to many interesting features, they are readily into learning multiplication-table and the four fundamental arithmetic operations with their own various sensory capabilities.

Prizes and smart 'coaching' by the parents with use of the APP : Smart coaching service to arouse self-motivation will be available through APP which give the kids benefits for mastering times-table cube as well as provide them with statistics from the learning, incorrect answer sheets and exercise questions .

It connects wireless with a smartphone, and leveling up as in gaming and collecting 6 jewels will get you to wear a crown and allow you to receive the gift you photographed beforehand from your parents. Feel a sense of achievement by checking the world ranking and try having your parents directly set questions via the smartphone.

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