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This app is displayed in Japanese language.
■ this app
This app enables you to acquire the basic knowledge in 12 fields.
The theme throughout the app is "Craftmanship".
You can learn the name of the skill that novelists, poets, composers, artists use in their works.
You will also learn about Gagaku (Japanese classical music), perfumes, ceramic art, architenctue, and so on.

Each of the 12 sections has 12 questions (12 X 12 =144 questions in total).
You have to answer all the questions in each section to go to another section.
Japanese "DEKIRUMADE OWARANAI" means that you cannot quit until you finish answering all the questions.
You may take a long time to finish a section, but you certainly learn the basic knowledge by repetition.

■ Recommended for
An aspiring author
An aspiring archiect
An aspiring poet
An aspiring composer
An aspiring painter
An aspiring musician
An aspirine potter
Those who are interested in Japanese culture and language

■ the score
A perfect score in each section is 100 points. Total of 12 sections will be 1200 points.

■ 12 sections
1. Knowledge of novels
2. Knowledge of poetry
3. Knowledge of gardening
4. Knowledge of the composition of classical music
5. Knowledge of the execution of classical music
6. Knowledge of Gagaku, Japanese classical music
7. Knowledge of Japanese architecture
8. Knowledge of house construction
9.Knowledge of ceramic art
10.Knowledge of perfume
11.Knowledge of Western painting
12.Knowledge of Japanese painting

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