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 Business English Speech 1.3

This is the only app on the market that has both pronunciation training and business vocabulary training. This app contains all the lessons from the book Get Rid of your Accent for Business, by Linda James and Olga Smith. The book is available in print on Amazon, on Kindle, and as an audio book on Audible.

This is the most complete and comprehensive resource for business speech training. It's written in the style of the Financial Times and The Economist. It contains interviews with top professionals from Finance, IT, HR, Marketing and Law to help you practice up-to date business lingo.

This app is a short cut to achieving a high level of Business English. Our customers tell us that it immediately helps them to improve their performance at work. It is a must-have for all professionals who would like to succeed in this competitive world.

This app will help you to:

• Neutralise your accent within 1-3 months
• Make your Business English clear and easy to understand
• Become a better communicator and public speaker
• Increase your professional confidence and overall image
• Improve your career prospects

Many of our clients have been promoted as their speech became more educated and easy to understand. Here are some of the comments our clients have shared with us:

“My boss told me: If I don’t lose my accent, I will lose my job.”
Gulnara, Financial Advisor, City of London

“If I don’t speak clearly, I will just remain a junior IT guy making peanuts, who is staring at the computer all day and never even allowed to go to meetings.”
Yago, IT consultant, London

Visit our website at www.batcsglobal.com to learn about our other accent apps and books.

App Contents and Functionality

In this speech training app, we teach you how to produce all British English sounds. Each lesson in the book covers one sound.
First, we explain how to place your tongue, lips and jaw for the target sound. Then you repeat the sound in words, phrases, sentences, verses, tongue twisters and business prose passages. Additional lessons cover contractions, silent letters, and useful French expressions.

The lessons cover all English sounds needed to master Received Pronunciation, the neutral accent of educated English speakers.
You can play audio tracks, record yourself, and compare your pronunciation with the model.

About the authors

Linda James (RAM, Dip. Ed., IPD, LRAM)

Linda trained at the Royal Academy of Music and qualified as a teacher of Speech and Drama. She also holds an International Phonetics Diploma from London University.

Linda has had extensive experience as a dialect coach in TV, films and the theatre. For more than 20 years she has worked as a Speech Tutor at several London drama colleges and privately, specialising in the teaching of Received Pronunciation (RP) and the eradication of accents for professionals.

Olga Smith (BA in Linguistics, MBA)

Olga holds a degree in Linguistics and an MBA from Nottingham University. She is also an advanced public speaker and a holder of the Toastmaster bronze award.

Olga learned a unique drama school method for Accent Reduction from top British phonetician Linda James. Together, they co-authored the bestselling “Get Rid of your Accent" book series.

In the past, you could only get speech training in British drama schools or by taking speech lessons from a private speech tutor. Olga wanted to make this exclusive training accessible for a much wider audience. Linda and Olga took the method long used in London drama schools, adapted it for learners of English and collated it into a single training manual, the first of its kind.

The success of the book inspired Olga to design and launch Accent Reduction courses for those who need to neutralize their accent in a short period of time. The courses became a huge success and have been featured in National newspapers and television in the UK. Visit www.batcsglobal.com and book an individual course to get the best results in a short period of time.

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