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 Bond Bonanza 1.1

Bond Bonanza supports children move away from counting numbers up to 20 to turning them into instantly recallable number bonds.

This critical mathematical building block is often left incomplete. Bond Bonanza has been designed by educators with key features that help ALL children develop rapid recall. With structured sets of questions, children do not have their working memory overloaded.

Bond Bonanza is suitable for all ages and can help any child who can count 2 or more objects onwards. Most children learn number bonds to 20 between the ages of 4-8 with different countries specifying related curriculum objectives within those ages. However, Bond Bonanza is also suitable for older children to use as a catch-up intervention, building on gaps in their knowledge.

Featuring 6 animals with their own dance moves (e.g. a dabbing penguin and flossing frog), Bond Bonanza is designed to match a high-quality learning experience with gaming elements. Further details of both are below:

Bond Bonanza has 2 modes: Practice and Fact.

Practice Mode
An innovative ten frame pictorial model is available in practice mode – crucial for developing number bond recall. Many children struggle to use their existing knowledge when moving from number bonds up to 10, on towards 20. Bond Bonanza's double ten frames animated model bridges the gap in understanding for the majority of children who need support in building rapid recall of number bonds to 20. Practice mode also gives children a significantly longer time than Fact mode for them to answer each question, helping them to build their recall and confidence.

Fact Mode
As children play in fact mode, whenever they answer a question correctly, that question is removed from the list still to be answered. This means children spend more time on questions that are still to be learnt as instantly recallable number bonds. The per-question time pressure is higher in fact mode, ensuring that questions answered correctly truly are instantly recallable.

As well as the character dances, children are rewarded with coins, a shop and a high score table. High scores are saved to each device rather than the cloud with no personal data ever requested. Bond Bonanza is GDPR and COPPA compliant. There are no in-app purchases and there are no adverts, including from us.

Our app focuses purely on helping children learn whilst being engaging. Which is why Bond Bonanza gives coin rewards for effort, not just for correct answers. Bonus coins are given for runs of correct answers, encouraging children to build their rapid recall of number bonds within the set they are working on.

Where is the subtraction?

As educators, we want an app to help all children instantly recall number facts to 20. We know that children develop their understanding of the inverse relationship early in their school lives (subtraction being the opposite of addition) so our app focuses on addition. Once the children understand that, they can work out 7 – 3 = 4 by using the fact 3 + 4 = 7 or 4 + 3 = 7. In short, the better children know their addition bonds to 20, the better prepared they are for many circumstances involving subtractions as well as addition.

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