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 Sprout Diary 1.0.3

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Sprout Diary is a Mobile App platform that allows parents to write diaries and store photos and videos of their children on Cloud securely. Each parental account can store data of more than one child. Sprout Diary provides individual storage for every child so that every one of them is special.

Sprout Diary is the TIME CAPSULE for every child. Parents can easily access and view their precious moments with their children anytime, anywhere with Internet services, as if travelling back in time. Parents can conveniently search for diaries, photos and videos by a specific year.

Parents can start recording from mummy's pregnancy, new-born baby, baby's first step, the first day of kindergarten, attending primary school, secondary school, 18th birthday etc. Parents can store a complete session of 19 years of their children's growing up journey. The starting point is not limited to pregnancy only, you can definitely start using Sprout Diary for any older child at any age he/she is now.

Sprout Diary also offers a CHAT feature that allows users to share children's diaries, photos and videos with other users. Users can categorize relationship with another user in Spout Diary - Family Members or Friends - and decide what data is to be shared within these communities.

Sprout Diary gives parents not just the flexibility and privilege within the parental community but also gives the best user experience ever. Childcare related information is also available to all users. This is particularly useful for new parents.

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