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 Spottr - Social Network 1.3

Spottr is a social media app unlike any other. The way people can now connect is more unique, special and fun than ever before! Spottr allows users to post photos and videos (with captions, views and comments) on to their friends pages so the content shared is in the right place. Who posted the photo/video onto your friends page is displayed, so people are held accountable. This means that the photos and videos you have on your page have all been posted by your friends! However, when a friend posts onto your page or vise versa, the person receiving the post must approve of it before their friends see it on their feed. Lastly, since all the content posted onto your page has been posted by your friends, it truly shows the most authentic version of yourself. Since you can approve or disprove of anything posted on to your page, your page will be filled with tons of cool stuff that has been posted by your friends and that you’re proud of.

Why post on your friends Spottr page?
Because now you can take all the messages, funny photos or videos and any jokes or content you decided is relevant to a friend and post it onto their page! That way their friends get to see the content posted. For example, all those Happy Birthday/congratulations or even more thoughtful serious messages can appropriately be posted onto your friends page so the friends of your friend (who’s page you’re posting onto get to see the post). In other words, people who actually care about the person you’re posting about.

Why is posting on Spottr way more fun, unique and effective than anything else?
Because when posting on to your friends Spottr page you get to connect with new people, bond with mutual friends and post photos or videos directly on to your friends page, where it is more relevant. Most importantly, since there is only a view counter and comment section on each post, so there is no judgement in terms of likes, and since each post will be on your friends page (if they approve of the post) there is no need to worry about being judged for the post.

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