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 Secret Angel 1.4.21

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Secret Angel is developed by Rapport Laboratory Company Limited which is an admitted Social Enterprise by SEBC. We are working for bringing people back into their groups with healthier relationship. This is why we’ve turned Secret Angel into an App as it is a classic game which aims at shifting the players from ego center to peer care.
“Better Together” is our core spirit for all kinds of development and promotion activity.
This mission needs your support, so come and join us!

~Tasting the real spirit of Secret Angel~
Angel can make use of Masked Chat, sending Secret Posts and Surprise Gifts to his/her master during the course. Cares and concerns can be delivered all the time where the masked identity is not easy to be revealed.

Game Highlights
- Starting the game by a few buttons
After the setting of Revealing date and Matching mode, a new game can then be started upon all players joining. No more paper works or pairing drawing needed. Advancement brings convenience.

- Versatile Matching Modes
Apart from Full Random Matching, Opposite Gender Matching and Purpose Driven Matching modes, the player number has been “extended” from group game to one-to-one mode. One secret Angel can invite one target Master to start a game. This may bring you to a new playing experience.

- Masked Chat
A conversation with one end masked is excited enough for a fresh feeling. Try your best to guess who is your secret Angel.

- Materialistic gifts is not necessary for a true care
Breaking through the tradition gifts giving, a warm picture or a right moment asking can also tell your cares to your friends.

- KnowAngel to know yourself
You can collect the true answer to your set questions from all your friends. This may bring you to know more about yourself.

Secret Angel App is not only a game, it is a start-over for turning our eyes to our beloveds around us. Act now! Embracing all kinds of affections is the most valuable treasure in our life.

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