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 Radical: Making social real 3.0.3


Radical makes it easy to connect with the people around you!

Based on your network of friends, Radical will show you a list of people at the same place as you and how you're connected. You’ll be able to view their profile (photo, first name only, bio), any mutual friends that you share, or other things you might have in common. Send a bump to someone that interests you and if they bump you back, you can start messaging each other.

The app is free to use and only available on iOS


"I was at this bar in LA and opened up the app for the first time. What surprised me was the number of people that shared mutual friends or friends of friends with me. I'm a confident person, but this made the experience of approaching new people a lot more fun/comfortable."

Mia D.
Venice, CA

"I really like the bump feature. I noticed this women at the same event and that she shared some mutual friends. She was with a big group of people and they were in conversation, so the timing felt off to approach her. I bumped her on Radical, a few minutes later she bumped me back, and we started chatting in the app just like that. We ended up connecting after the event for a drinks and talked for hours"

Jake K.
Santa Monica, CA

"I was traveling on break and was bored at the airport. After opening up the app, I saw that the girl next to me shared around 30 mutual friends. I asked her how she knew all these people and we found out that we lived in the same neighborhood growing up, literally 15 houses aways! She ended up being really cool and we're now good friends"

Emily S.
Los Angeles, CA



Today’s social networks are addicting, weaken our relationships, and hurt our overall mental well-being. We spend more time watching the lives of others versus spending time with the people around us. Our mission at Radical is provide a product that inspires people to go out into the world to connect with friends, and make new ones.

Social thus far has been a love-hate relationship. With Radical, it's all love.


We've created a simple to use and well designed product that highlights what's important - the people around you.

Radical will show you a list of people at the same place as you (or nearby). We’ll highlight members that are connected to you in some way (i.e. mutual friends, friends of friends, hometown), towards
the top of the list. Once you leave that place, the list of people there will disappear and change to other people that are nearby.

Bumps make it easy to get someone's attention. If you bump someone and they bump you back, the ability to message them will unlock.

**Keep in mind that we only notify other members of a bump if it comes from someone that’s within three degrees of friendship i.e. friends of friends, therefore we recommend adding more friends to expand your reach

Radical organizes your list of friends by how far away they are from you at any given moment, without sharing their direct location with you. We'll notify you and your friend when you're nearby one another, creating a moment of serendipity to meet up. It's by far one of our most loved features!

COMMUNITIES - Invite only*
This feature represents a group of people that have something in common that's a bit more exclusive. Great for neighborhoods, organizations, social clubs, and more. This feature is currently invite only*

Message with friends that are nearby or with new connections made in the Discover or Community section

Sometimes a photo or video is worth a thousand words. Send a visual message to friends to share what you're doing and where, with the hope that they come meet up.

A lot of location based apps can drain your juice. We know battery time is sacred! Our app is state of the art and intelligently uses minimal battery power. We use less battery power than most popular social networks

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