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 MapCapp 1.0.3

What is MapCapp about?

It's NOT (much) about

- the user's private life
- virtual animals who have to be caught and collected
- anonymous trash talks

MapCapp is different!

In MapCapp it's about:

- countries, cities, villages and places: They are all waiting to being discovered, collected and finally being watched for their live interactions every time again!

- MapCapp is a virtual, multimedial and to real places bound chat room. You can rejoin already visited places every time and out of nearly everywhere with MapCapp!

- You also can watch remote places live where you haven't been to on your own yet.

- You can see how many users are on a place

- You can see at which places are most popular

- To remote places you can send messages and chat with people who are there! You can ask them about the current mood at the place or ask them for current pictures or videos and many more! So you and many other users can see what's up there at the moment!


- (Co-/)discover new places
Go out, push the flag icon, write a description together with a picture or video and post it to discover a new place or to codiscover a already discovered place to get permanent access from everywhere with a internet connection! As a reward you'll earn Geotickets to also enter remote places!

- Chat live with people on places
Get in touch with others who are either on the same place as you or who are on remote places which you are interested in.

- Location based virtual history
The posts on places are chronologically sorted and enable you to see the happenings on a place at a certain time.

- Decentralized news from all over the world
Everyone is a reporter! Show others what's happening outside with your texts, pictures and videos! They permantently stay!*

- Stay connected with places
On your personal places wall you can see all your (co-/)discovered places and the newest entries there, so you are always up to date about the happenings there!

- Collect and show your visited places
On your "My Places" section you always see, where you've already been physically.

- Global guestbook
Take a selfie on the best places to show the world, that you've been there! It get's memorized permanently there!*

- Becoming the world's discoverer No. 1
Check out the ranking of the users with the most discovered and codiscovered places and become the world's No. 1 with the most and best visited places!

- Get in touch with local companies
We don't annoy you with ads which are sold with the help of your user generated personal data. Instead of this we blast your filter bubbles with old school banners in digital shape. By doing so everybode on a virtual place sees the same ads and many of you will see interesting offers which your personal data wouldn't ever have generated!

- Decentralized news
Big media show you a snippet of the worlds happenings and this snippets are selected by their own opinion to influence yours. See all of it and form your own opinion.

- Easier travel organisation
If you want to know, where you want to go to at next and where you'll join the best mood, simply check out nearby or remote places on MapCapp by using the Geotickets which you earned by co-/discovering places!

- Keep track of your journeys
With the lists of your co-/discovered and earned places you always see, where you have been yet and where you want to go in the future.

*only, if the posts are compliant with our EULA and if you don't delete them by your own.

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