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 In or Out 2.0

The world is yours…are you IN or OUT?

Introducing a bigger, better, stronger, faster way to hook up with friends and make new ones along the way. In or Out lets you create your own eVents and post them to the world or just those people you want to invite.

See what’s happening from local friends having a party to concerts, festivals or huge eVents right at home or across the globe.

Want to set up a soccer game next Saturday and need players? In or Out lets you post the soccer eVent globally so that everyone within your geographic area can see the time, place and any other information, including pics, that you want them to see…global eVents can also be pushed directly to your Twitter and Facebook accounts so that whatever your friend’s social poison, they will not be missed! The beauty of it lies in the eVent listing itself. Once someone clicks on your eVent, they have to swipe Right or Left, or Tap and decide if they are IN, OUT or MAYBE. You get detailed stats like guys, girls, etc. Everyone else can see who is going, who might be going, and even who is not going. So no one forgets, INed eVents are automatically sent directly to your calendar.

Don’t want to invite everyone within 100 miles. You don’t have to. Just invite whomever you want from your contact list. They are the only ones who will see the eVent. Talk about party planning…the options are endless!

We haven’t forgotten about everywhere else either. In or Out not only has options for HERE (your location), but also THERE (any other location). If you are in New York, you can see what’s going on in San Francisco with a RIGHT swipe. Drop a pin in the Mission District and you can get even closer. Or, just stay where you are with a LEFT swipe. No matter the location, see what’s happening wherever you are or wherever you want to be. To boot, you can tag an eVent, and it becomes yours. Invite your friends and have a great time!

Need to be specific? In or Out lets you slice eVents any way you want. Certainly you can just search for “Jack White” or “Bar Hop”, but you can also search by time (this week, this weekend), post (people, groups, business), age, gender, category, and geographic radius…and it is really easy to use. Swipe left from the eVent list for all things eVent related. Swipe right for all things related to you, i.e. profiles, followers, etc.

Even if your friends don’t have the app yet, just by inviting them, they get a text (or an email…your choice). They can download it if they want (why not…it is free and really useful!), or if they don’t, you can still manage your eVent from your end and rest assured that your friends will always get the invitation…immediately.

There is no shortage of event sites online or event apps for that matter, but they seem to suck the social out of something that should by its very nature be social. In or Out doesn’t just list what’s going on, In or Out puts the social back into having fun.

The world is yours…are you IN or OUT?

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