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 EventIdea 2.13.0

Eventidea is the social event platform that allows people who like to do similar things, gather around ideas, quickly organize and create events.

Eventidea provides you with completely personalized content that is around you or wherever you want.

What can you do at Eventidea?
- Discover the social events and ideas near you,
- Participate in events, support ideas,
- Find people who has same interests near you, organise with them, meet with them,
- You want to do something? Share your ideas. Decide where and when with the supporters of your idea. In just a few steps, turn your wonderful ideas into amazing events.
- Organize public events or private events very easy, very effective.
- Share your event ideas with your closed group
- Share your actions with your friends from all popular platforms including whatsapp, twitter, facebook,
- Receive notifications about new, popular events and ideas near you wherever you are. Be notified immediately of the events you joined, supported ideas, upcoming events, ideas becomes events and and more. No way to miss life with constantly updated information,

Eventidea is a unique platform, because;

There's something you want to do, but you can't decide the time, the details, or you can't find enough people to accompany you like
- take aktion to help the animal shelter? or
- meet with bike lovers like you for cycling tour on weekend? or
- come together with the fans of your favorite music band before the concert. Meet&Drink session? or
- organise an unforgettable home party at the most accurate time and the concept? or
- watch the last season of "Game of Thrones" with fans before the new season? or
- or birthday party wich is always hard to know how many participate, and place, time, food, entertainment, always having a problem?
- ...
All you have to do is share your idea at Eventidea! Invite your people through all the social platforms as well as the Eventidea platform users to support your idea. When you get enough supporters, just turn your idea into an amazing event. It's that easy! ;)

You want to do something, but you can't decide what
Just open Eventidea app and check all events and ideas around you. Keep in mind! Eventidea offers you primarily events and ideas of your interest;)

You have questions? Or suggestions which are invaluable to us? Just send us an email, support@eventidea.app. Each email you send will be very appreciated. Our team will evaluate and answer you as soon as possible.

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