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What's the cost?
The cost is what your time is actually worth. An estimate, project quote, or hourly rate is only what you think your time will be worth. The cost calculates this and shows it to you in real time.
From the beginning of a project the quote or hourly rate can look good, but once the work starts - the worth starts to reveal itself. Providing a project quote too low can make your hourly rate drop down to pennies, and working by hourly can be a double-edge sword for speedy workers. The aim for the cost was to make a clean and easy to use tool for helping people get better at estimating their time - so they can provide better project quotes and hourly rates, myself included!.

What the cost is not...
This is not for exporting time-sheets and submitting hourly pay. This is a bit more geared towards freelancers and students, but helpful for anyone who's had to submit a WAG as their quote or bid. Let's get better at estimating our time and worth!

How do I use the cost?
Enter a project name along with an estimated project total and what you think your hourly rate is. It is ok here to make a wild... guess. You can change it later when you get better at knowing your rate. Whenever you're going to work on that project, just open the app and tap to start - and watch to see the money earned go up or down.

Which way does my money go if I know my total project cost?
By project total, the cost will calculate on the go for you and you can see your hourly rate go down. Example: If you completed the project in 1 hour, then your hourly rate was the full project total. On the other hand if you quoted for 10 hours and are slipping past that amount you can see how much your actually being paid by the hour. Sometimes this can be depressing if you provided the wrong quote... but no worries here, you can see the cost and learn for next time.

Which way does my money go if I know my hourly rate?
By hourly rate, the cost will calculate on the go and you can see your money earned go up. This can feel good watching your earned money raise. When you complete the project you can check the total amount and gauge how well you estimate against your project total.

I want more features!
That's cool. There are other apps with much more extensive expense reporting and overtime clocking. The focus here is for getting better at estimating your time and providing better project quotes.

I still want more features! I have relevant needs!!!
That's cool too. Feel free to email with suggestions or use the comments and I'll see if I can work it out.

Thanks for downloading!

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