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 iCALCULA 2.01

iCALCULA is a scientific programmable calculator that operates on real, complex, vector and matrix, a-dimensional or dimensional quantities. Detailed help is included and accesible in main screen through SYS - HELP TOPICS. The application is self-containded, and requires no internet connection for its operation.

iCALCULA's operating syntax exploits benefits of the unambiguous, parentheses–free mathematical notation known as Reverse Polish Notation (RPN), also named postfix notation. While conventional algebraic notation places the operators between the relevant numbers or variables, RPN places them after the numbers or variables on which it operates. All functionalities in iCALCULA are treated as generalised operators acting on a 4 register stack. The result is a way of operating that reduces time, drastically in block computations, and attend to the structure of the calculation process in a more intelligent and organized way.

iCALCULA operates on following types of registers:
• Real Numbers
• Fractions
• Complex Numbers
• non limited size nx1 vectors (real or complex)
• non limited size nxm matrices (real or complex)
• Physical constants
• Physical units

iCALCULA offers more than 100 functions that cover most conventional mathematical issues including exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric, hyperbolic, logic, combinatorics, statistics, vector and matrix algebra, numerical integration, function roots, fractions and numerical bases. The possibility of operate with both a-dimensional and physical quantities optimizes operating costs in many contexts. You simply forget the tedious task of converting physical units before operating with them.

iCALCULA's capability of computing with massive vector quantities makes really intuitive and efficient operating on data collections.

iCALCULA's programming facility allows you to personalize your calculator to best fit your personal needs. You have an unlimited bank of user functions that can be parametrized to cover most situations.

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