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 OneFlag - Wish List 1.5.0

Flag for the New Year
Flag for the work
Flag for the trip
Flag for the dream
Flag for your lover
Flag for yourself
OneFlag helps you record your wishes and then witness their realization one by one.

It's a lightweight wish list.
It's a lightweight to-do list.

Whether it's work or life, business or travel, family or personal……Normal life needs a little bit sense of ritual.
Record all the things you want to accomplish or are doing, and accomplish theme one by one.You do it, OneFlag records it. Witness your every wish come true.

*** Dreams will come true ***

#Creating Lists Is Easy
You can quickly add a wish list through OneFlag.
Enter the added page to randomly get theme and icon elements.

#Setting Flags Is Quick
Flags can be added through many ways, edit individually, add several flags at once or use a recommended list.

#Fulfilled One By One
Once created, Flags can be marked as finished or unfinished by clicking on them.

#Progress Is Clear
On the home page, the fan of the icon will show the progress of the current list.

#Sharing Lists Is Quick

Through the share button, a long image can be created to share your list with your friends.

#Upcoming Updates
It’s easy to add, export plain text or markdown and share your lists.
All users can enjoy our upcoming updates for free.

No ads, no purchases, no limits!
Once purchased, enjoy everywhere.

"IMONE" Products :
"OneDay" - calculate the countdown list of days
"OneClock" - turn off the screen clock
"OneScreen" - versatile tool with shell screenshots
"OneBoard" - plug-in extensions with a shortcut phrase keyboard

Author: xDEHANG
Email: xdehang@gmail.com

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