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 KazilaVPN – Secure VPN Proxy 3.0

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KazilaVPN is a secure and free to use virtual private network (VPN). It works on any iOS device with an internet connection. Our service is backed by Kazila.com, a hosting provider founded in 2008.

Our simple VPN app makes it easy to provide you with a safe, secure and fast internet browsing experience. There’s no need to follow a complicated setup guide or tutorial to install a VPN and make your internet connection completely confidential and regularly use a private IP address. All you need to do is download and tap the connect button and the secure VPN connection will happen automatically on your iOS device! Start using KazilaVPN today.

- Virtual Private Network – Best VPN 2020
KazilaVPN will alter your online IP address to a private IP address so you can securely browse the web with complete anonymity and privacy.

- Enjoy a Fast VPN connection
Avoid slow connection speeds and switch to our super fast and secure proxy connection. There’s no need to wait to view your favorite content as this app offers superfast VPN connections for effortless browsing.

- Anonymous VPN Connectivity
Need to surf the internet without being tracked? Switch to an anonymous network connection by using our app. Mask your identity and your actual IP location and access any website. Enjoy the internet to its fullest extent without being tracked or monitored by third parties.

- Super Fast and Secure VPN for Travelers
Love to travel to new places without compromising security and network speed? Our app offers impressive functionality specially designed for US expats and travelers who want to travel without their data being exposed on public WiFi’s.

- Premium Version Available
Upgrade to our premium version to enjoy unlimited access without any ads. Unlock full access for a small cost each month.

How to use KazilaVPN – A Secure VPN Proxy
• Download and launch the Kazila VPN 2020 version of the app
• Add VPN time by gathering time credit through watching ads. (Our ad sponsors and your cooperation help us cover the cost of bandwidth and keep our service free. Thank you for your support and understanding!)
• Tap on the start button to launch a super fast VPN connection
• Tap to end the anonymous VPN connection

Features of KazilaVPN – Secure VPN Proxy
• Simple and easy VPN with clean UI/UX
• Smooth and fast VPN controls
• Track the time of anonymous VPN connectivity
• Single tap start/end of the super fast VPN connection
• USA VPN server locations available for free
• Enjoy a safe and secure internet browsing experience
• Connect using our proxy app for free anytime, anywhere
• Stay safe from theft and online hackers using our VPN
• Ensure a completely private internet browsing experience, block all trackers on any site
• Clean and responsive app design
• Use our VPN during traveling to evade any breach of privacy on public WiFi
• Will work with WiFi and mobile data connections (3G/4G/5G+)

About KazilaVPN
• Kazila is a USA VPN provider which provides the KazilaVPN service in 2020 and many more years to come.
• Enjoy our free virtual private network service whenever you want!

If you have any questions, issues or concerns please contact our support team by visiting our website (https://kazilavpn.com). Alternatively, you may submit a support ticket through our app.

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