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 iMapIt Pro 3.4.2

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This application use your iPhone's / iPad's GPS capabilities to map, survey and measure places important to you.
As you walk, collecting geographic coordinates with your iPhone, the surveyed location is being viewed on a map in real time.
Each place you map can be commented for future reference.
The places that you map can be exported to the DXF format for importing in almost any CAD software, or to the KML format for viewing on other map showing applications, or GPX, the standard GPS exchange format, for the interchange of GPS data applications and web servers on the internet, or still in CSV format for you to open in any spreadsheet utility. Those file formats can be exported using geographical coordinates, UTM projection (Universal Transverse Mercator) or the Gauss Krüger projection.
Those exported files you take from your iPhone / iPad through iTunes or sending them via email to you, your friends or clients. In this new version you are also able to upload the exported files to a web site that is previously prepared to receive them. For reference on how this new uploading feature works, please refer to our support site - http://imapitsupport.blogspot.com.br .
You can collect geographic coordinates to:
* Points - Register specific places with a point, as the place you most like to go, or the starting point of a race, or even the point where you spotted a rare bird;
* Line or Path - A sequence of points forming a line to register a track where you hiked, or the way you ran a race, or the path to arrive at your new home, or the location of a new fence you want to build. All mapped lines are calculated for you in metric and imperial units.
* Areas or polygons - A sequence of points forming a closed region, to survey a terrain you are interested in buying, or show the map of your land, or survey the contour of your new home, or delimit the place where you want to build a swimming pool. All mapped areas are calculated for you in metric, imperial and Thai units.
Points, lines and polygons can be represented by various types of pins, different colors and strokes.

Disclaimer on the accuracy of the surveys:
All points, paths or areas are surveyed using the GPS accuracy of your device. This is not a professional precision GPS equipment. So your surveys may vary when compared to the actual dimensions.

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