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 Estheticon 2.0.3

The best way to find information about aesthetic treatments and the right doctor to perform them. Search for doctors by treatment and location. Read reviews from real patients like you and ask them directly about their experience.
Follow doctors to see their results, answers and reviews. Follow a treatment you want to know more about. The latest news about doctors and treatments you follow will show up whenever you open the app.


Estheticon app is an Ideal instant messenger for communication between patients, doctors, and patient coordinators.

Save time - your patient coordinator can respond instead of you
Convenient communication - patients can write whenever and you answer when you can
Line of communication - less formal and intrusive than phone or email. Patients feel more comfortable shooting out a quick message whenever and wherever they are.
Keep an eye on your staff - know how your staff responds to patient leads. Join the conversation when you choose.
More testimonials - patients can upload reviews with pics straight onto the app
Answer questions in forums on the go
Better experience for your patients
More patient leads - More patient will write you since they see you are available


Medical instant messenger
Patient - Assistant - Doctor It’s just like group messaging.
Your patients can write you directly. Your assistant can answer on your behalf, you have access to this communication and can join in whenever you like. You can see when and how your assistant responded to a patient lead.

Content feed
One stone. Plenty of birds.
Patients can follow treatments, doctors and other patients. Post an answer about liposuction and other patients can read it as well. Get a new testimonial and other patients interested in the treatment can read it as well. Upload new Before/After photos to your profile and they get channeled via content feed to those interested in that treatment. Your contributions get a wider audience.

List of doctors
Finding the right doctor in the right place.
It’s hard to find the right doctor for a specific treatment from a specific area. The in-app list of doctors fills this need. Concisely and simply.

Online status
Availability with no hassle.
It’s the standard these days. When you are logged on to the Estheticon website or application you will be displayed as online. And the best part: when your assistant is online, the app shows you as the doctor online – whether you yourself are logged in or not. As a result more prospective patients will write to you and you will get more patient leads.

Keep up with what’s going on.
Find out when anything relevant to you or about you is posted, like when your patients post a new testimonial about you or when you get a new response to your answer.

Publish your before/after photos
Show patients what you can do.
Upload the results of your work from your iPhone. Quick, easy and effective. 82% of patients prefer doctors with visible before/after photos. (Estheticon survey 2015)

More testimonials
More buzz about you.
The Estheticon app makes it easy for your patients to post reviews and photos straight from their phone. Once they post the review they can continue to answer questions from others.

Stay logged in
Once and done.
Once logged into the application, you don’t have to enter your login and password again. The same goes for your assistants and patients.

Improved teamwork
A patient coordinator’s best friend.
Assistants and patient coordinators can also have profiles and respond to inquiries that your prospective patients send to you as well as continue the communication with your patients from first contact to publishing the post-treatment review.

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