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 Density Mobile 2.15

With Density’s mobile application, it’s easy to let people see how busy their favorite locations are in real time. From office cafeterias and open areas to hospitality lounges, teams deploy Density to enable exceptional experiences. Users are able to check the real-time occupancy count—also referred to as a location’s “busyness.” If the location is too busy, the user can easily customize their settings to receive a notification when things quiet down. Result: enjoyable experiences that save time and money.

Avoid waiting or standing in line with Density Mobile. See how busy your favorite locations are in real time before you show up. If a location is too busy, receive a notification when things quiet down. With Density Mobile, beat the crowd by knowing how many people are at your favorite locations:

• Cafeterias & cafés
• Kitchens
• Gyms
• Lounges & game rooms
• Shared workspaces
• Wellness rooms

“With Density, I know how busy all my favorite spots are across campus before I show up.”
Greg T, Employee at Fortune 500 Tech Company

Density is anonymous by design and doesn’t collect any personally identifiable information (PII). The platform uses a people-counting device to measure entrances and exits anonymously with computer vision 3D modeling.

For Facilities and Services Teams

Increase operational efficiency across janitorial, culinary and facility teams with real-time usage data and predictive notifications.
Adjust amenities to actual usage, and improve services from catering to cleaning.
Get notified when a room, floor, or building exceeds maximum occupancy.
Improve experience by shortening lines and wait times.

Note: Density Mobile shows the real-time occupancy of indoor locations where Density is installed.

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