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 crossoffus lite 1.0

Cross Off Us Lite (COU-Lite )- In this version, based around our previous app “CROSS OFF US”, we have provided you with a lighter option in keeping this as minimalistic as possible, while still maintaining the app’s main functions.

This version is geared towards users whose primary need is to create a list, without the need of sharing it.

If you are one of the thousands, who’ve felt bogged down while jotting a simple, “To Do” list.

OR... tired from rewriting the same list, prior to every Grocery Run (wishing you could reuse that list?)

OR... are you someone looking for a simpler way to create your list, having a clean design wouldn’t hurt ;)

Be it a shopping list (Christmas list, groceries etc.), short term personal goals (New Years Resolution, bucket list etc.), set of tasks to be completed (chores, work schedule etc.), or just about anything you need jotted down. We’re here to help make things easier, while contributing to a healthier / friendlier environment (less wasted paper).

We’ve ensured that some semblance of how you go about creating, and utilizing your list, gets implemented (without all the added work). We also have focused on the audio part of things, which makes multitasking so much easier, and ensures time efficiency. With the use of “Audio Integration”, we’ve utilized “Speaking” as a way of populating your items into separate lines without the need of you tapping into every single line. This saves you lots of time, and frees up your hands a bit so that you can focus on your other tasks.

Ready to use your list? Use our “Cross Off” feature to strike out each item on your list (swipe left to right, or vice versa if you’ve changed your mind). Just like you would on your paper list, we have managed to mimic the same idea in a digital format.

Didn’t mean to add an item to your list? Simply double tap to get rid of it. 

We are always striving to make this application better, while keeping it minimal for everyone to use. So, keep an eye out for our future changes.

Your feedback is welcomed, feel free to send your thoughts to feedback@crossoff.us , with things that you feel may be of benefit to you (if not already implemented within our app). We will review your thoughts and see if it fits into the set goals we currently have in place for CROSSOFFUS & COU-Lite

Thanking you in advance for your download, and hoping you enjoy using this application as much as I have in creating it.

Happy Listing Everyone!!!

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