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 YumPad客人自助点菜系统 5.2020.24

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绝大多数的高档正餐餐厅,菜单变化非常频繁,纸质菜单不仅制作费用很高,而且难以满足运营变化的要求,搭配12.9寸超大屏幕的iPad Pro,可以完美的展现餐厅菜肴的独特之处,主次分明的引导式点菜方式,也让客人满意的同时,获得餐厅理想的综合毛利率;配菜浏览模式,可以很好的满足高档餐厅为客人点菜配菜的流程需求;可灵活到按天方便调整菜单,以及集团统一设置下发调整图片菜谱等功能,大幅增加餐厅,特别是连锁餐厅的运营调整能力。

In 2009, Yumstone Software has launched the iPad eMenu Self-Ordering system. Our creative design and programming concept is to pass the creative menu design and layout flexibility to the restaurant menu designer, so that the restaurant's iPad menu can be personalized on its own and beautiful.

The vast majority of high-end dinner restaurants, their menu changes are very frequent. It is not only the production of paper menu costs are high and it is difficult to meet the requirements of the restaurant operational changes. Using a 12.9-inch large screen iPad Pro, it can perfectly show the uniqueness of the restaurant dishes and menu. The eMenu will have the brand image which the restaurant wish to portray with all of their signature dishes displayed. In this new system, all the pages only consist of images which should be there to evoke appetite. The pages can be flipped smoothly and consumers can enjoy each of the beautifully created pages. Using menu engineering by displaying the pictures of signature dishes would result in consumers selecting these dishes more. Guests can easily select the dishes and also with great satisfaction and ultimately increases the restaurant profit margin. The side-by-side browsing mode can satisfy the order requirements of the high-end restaurants of ordering the dishes for guests; The ease of changing of the menu for day operation and the enterprise group menu update functions will improve on the restaurant operation adjustments and especially benefit to the chain restaurants.


We also provide two different modes for Chinese food and Western food restaurants. It can smoothly switch between the bilingual Chinese and English on the ordering of the dishes and as well as the powerful integration to WeChat and Alipay direct payment. After the same of more than 20 versions of the upgrades, Yumstone Software iPad eMenu Self-Ordering system is still the preferred ordering method for most of the high-end restaurants.

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