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 Shufti Pro 1.0

Know a prospect better with Shufti Pro.

Shufti Pro is a user-friendly identity verification software which fills the gaps between clients and their consumers. It offers end-to-end identity verification services to businesses by providing them a safe and hassle-free platform to verify identities of their consumers or users in less than a minute, all aimed to deter and prevent, among other use-cases, fraudulent activities, online theft, and identity scams, and ultimately providing a reliable market place.

Shufti Pro allows you to simply use the camera of your mobile device in real-time to capture and upload your selfie or a picture of your supported identity document to begin the process. With the OCR technology, data is extracted from the captured image and compared with the data provided to our systems. The two data sets are assessed meticulously, processed, correlated, and analyzed to generate results; all this is done in fraction of a minute.

Services Offered:
1. KYC (Know Your Customer) Identity Verification:
- Facial Verification;
- Document Verification;
- Name Verification;
- DoB Verification;
- Address Verification;
- Document Number, and Issuance or Expiry Date;
- 2-Factor Authentication;
- Consent verification.

2. AML Screening:
- AML Checks;
- On-Going AML;
- Business AML.

3. KYB (Know Your Business) Services.

What Sets Us Apart:
- Competitive pricing;
- No Plugin Required;
- 15-Days Free Trial;
- Quick Verification;
- 230+ countries supported;
- 150+ languages supported and verified;
- 3000+ Documents Supported1;
- AML data banks updated more than thrice every hour;
- Video Evidence;
- Hosted option available if you do not have requisite technical expertise.

For any questions, please contact us on support@shuftipro.com
1To see complete list of supported documents, visit https://shuftipro.com/supported-documents/

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