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 SCADA HMI Client 2014.2.75

SCADA HMI Client app for your Apple® iPad or iPhone allows client visualization and interaction on your device from SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) applications running on remote desktop computers.

The Security is a key component on the SCADA HMI Client, therefore the connection with the server has validation at the Project level. It means that besides having the server address and project name, the user name and password provided when running the application must match the authorization defined at that specific project scope.

The SCADA HMI Client connects with host servers running SCADA or HMI Web Server applications compatible with Tatsoft communication specification, allowing the remote real-time interaction with the server data and graphics.

Technical notes:

The default polling rate to get new information from the server is 250ms. That configuration is on the Polling settings and the number is defined in quarters of second. When using the client on a slower network or an internet server, it may be necessary to modify that value. One good way to verify the proper polling rate is to verify the typical “PING” tie from your location to the remote server; the polling rate should be bigger than the ping time, typically two times to five times.

It is important to be aware that when an iPad or iPhone is connected to the SCADA HMI Web Server, one client license is consumed. The number of clients that can be simultaneously connected with each server depends on the server model and license key; contact your server provider or our technical support for information regarding server requirements and compatibility.

For information on known issues or to report requests contact Tatsoft support services, sending email to support@tatsoft.com with your contact information and a brief description of your request; our team will open an support ticket and report back with your solution or contact you demanding for additional information.

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