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 ETM Oilfield Glossary 1.0

ETM Glossary is a mobile application designed for oilfield people. It allows you to easily search for a list of glossary terms about oil & gas exploration and production.

It's a great tool for your reference.

The app is FREE and it includes following features:

- Search for a glossary name or in the glossary description of common terminologies used in the oilfield industry
- Works offline - no need for an internet connection

Examples include:

Christmas Tree
The control valves, pressure gauges, and chokes assembled at the top of a well to control flow of oil and/or gas after the well has been drilled and completed. It is used when reservoir pressure is sufficient to cause reservoir fluids to rise to the surface.

Gas-lift Mandrel
A device installed in the tubing string of a gas-lift well onto which or into which a gas-lift valve is fitted. There are two common types of mandrel. In the conventional gas-lift mandrel, the gas-lift valve is installed as the tubing is placed in the well. Thus, to replace or repair the valve, the tubing string must be pulled. In the sidepocket mandrel, however, the valve is installed and removed by wireline while the mandrel is still in the well, eliminating the need to pull the tubing to repair or replace the valve.

A fishing tool that is attached to tubing or drill pipe and lowered over the outside wall of pipe or sucker rods lost or stuck in the wellbore. A friction device in the overshot, usually either a basket or a spiral grapple, firmly grips the pipe, allowing the fish to be pulled from the hole.

Trip out
To come out of the hole.

You can view the IADC Reporting Codes and find out what each code means. For example:

Code 6 : Trips - Trips in or out of the hole.
Code 7: Lubricate Rig - Normal lubrication and servicing of the rig.
Code 11: Wire Line Logs - Rigging up, tearing down and running logging equipment.
Code A: Perforating - Perforating casing, tubing or formation.

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