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 GPT - Gpacers Poseidon Tracker 1.0.92

This is the official App for the Gpacers Poseidon tracking and monitoring system designed by Gpacers Technology Company Ltd. This App works together with our GPT-A1 and GPT-T1 (please visit our website to find a distributor near you) products to provide a portable, real-time and location index thereby forming a comprehensive, intelligent and autonomous safety tracking and monitoring service for divers and dive operators.
For more information, please visit: https://www.gpacers.com/
or E-Mail: service@gpacers.com

Key features include:
• Simultaneously tracking and monitoring up to 100 transmitters
• Detailed maps available for downloading and using offline
• App can run in the background
• Built in alerts and diver activated distress functions
• All data recorded and viewable on the App
• User interface available for English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese languages

Gpacers Poseidon Tracking (GPT) system is designed as a portable device for personal safety. It is similar to a satellite system and provides tracking and monitoring capabilities to protect loved ones engaged in outdoor activities. Our GPT-A1 is a single transceiver having integrated transmitter, receiver and repeater functions in one device to perform missions for long-range tracking and danger prevention.

The relevant safety personnel use a mobile device, smart phone or tablet, to connect with the receiver and the GPT app installed on the mobile device performs as the console for safety surveillance tasks. The GPT App has a powerful and user-friendly interface, it fulfills safety surveillance tasks, including long-range tracking, danger prevention and full data recording. Just download the App and connect the GPT devices according to the instructions in our user manual to start protecting your customers and loved ones. No mobile network is required, and the rugged and portable design ensures the GPT system is suitable for deployment in rugged and remote areas.

All transmitters within the effective range can be monitored at the same time, and the GPT app can issue different preventive alarms to avoid occurrences of danger and/or to improve the efficiency of the rescue.


When there is danger, an audio alarm and visual on-screen alert is automatically triggered. The 4 types of alerts are as follows:
(1) Impact/Proximity Alert
Any person in the yellow zone will be shown as an orange star. This setting can be used to
(i) prevent collisions between persons and vessels.
(ii) alert rescue personnel when in the proximity and when approaching the person in distress.
(2) Distress Alert
Any person who sends a distress signal will be shown as a red star. When the distress signal is
terminated, it will be displayed as a green star for up to 1 hour to announce the termination of distress status.
(3) Out of Safe Zone alerts
Any member appearing outside the safe zone will trigger an alert.
(4) Loss of Signal alert
Any member
(i) whose signal has not been updated for a continuous 10 minutes period and
(ii) when the set alert countdown has expired, will be displayed at their last known coordinate as an orange star.


A diver can activate a distress on their GPT device. This distress triggers a visual and sound alarm on the monitoring console and as the GPT system features real time tracking it’s easy to locate and rescue the diver in distress.


All relevant data is recorded and can be played back and shared for additional analysis.
Detailed maps can first be downloaded and saved for later use on the App to enhance tracking and monitoring capabilities. If no maps were preinstalled a default radar display is used.

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