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 myBien 1.4.1

### Finally ###
Update to new iOS, and a few new features. Automatic weather information is stored, varro timers and grouping of peoples.

### news ###

next version in the making. iOS7 transfer takes time.
Thanks for the feedback and feature requests, iCloud is planned, ipad will be far future.
stay tuned.


I started with beekeeping and I gained two bee boxes. Of course, I also wanted to record all my observations and activities of the bees.
So I have got this app homemade. I've only just started, so it may be that I do not have anything in the app, what you need.

But I will expand during the year and hope bee so that it is a well-to-use app.
Suggestions and comments are very welcome.

You can create and biens to maintain details of the bien.

### use the blue disclosure button in the bien-list to edit bien data ####

Then you can post diary entries about every bien with text and adjust quickly even if you as the Queen has seen, closed larvae, etc.
All diary entries are displayed clearly.

Now you can filter the diary entries by year, just drag the table down. In the bien settings you can choose a color icon, just tap on it to change.

what is planned:
iCloud Support

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