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 Keepery - Password Manager 2.0


5 reasons to choose Keepery over other password managers:

- Keepery does not require a monthly fee/subscription to backup your data. Most password managers do.
- All the data is encrypted using AES-256 with a randomly generated master key. This is state of the art standard on password managers.
- Your data never leaves your device.* There is no server side and no third party to trust.
- Keepery is as simple as robust, just generate and save secure passwords, accounts info and notes, and store an encrypted backup of all your data wherever you want, with one single touch.
- Coming soon Keepery open source code available on GitHub.

* * Your data never leaves your device until you decide to make a backup. When you make a backup, a strongly encrypted file will be exported to the service of your choice (dropbox, drive, email, local storage…). As long as you keep your master key safe the encryption protecting your backup will ensure that your data remains private, even in the hands of a malicious attacker. A highly efficient brute force attack against your backup file will take millions of years (actually much more than the age of the universe) to break your privacy.

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