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 IWI - Witness 5.10

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This app supports to collect digitally witness information for accident reports.
In addition based on collected witness information, the flight path can be reconstructed by the method Immersive Witness Interview - iwi® (www.iwiation.com).

The app perfectly supports authorities and investigators to perform witness interview to collect information by using the iPad.
A photo at witness position can be taken with the iPad camera to show witness environment and the witness will draw the oberved object path on the foto.
3D models of different objects (aircraft, helicopter, cars, human) that was observed by a witness can be loaded. The 3D object's attitude and position then can be adjusted by the witness on the iPad and position and size of the 3D object placed in the photo.
Additional witness information can be added to the sheet. The sheet can then be saved to the local database and if required exported / send via email.
Finally the described observation can be animated on the iPad to validate with the witness.

Actual features:
* Take photo of witness site or take image from photo library
* Draw observed flight path on photo and set cross for InitialContact IC, FinalContact FC and Observation1 O1
* Adjust attitude of 3D model of aircraft or helicopter
* Hold iPad in attitude as observed object to set attitude value easier
* Up to 4 3D models can be shown at the same time in photo/background with different positions and attitudes.
* 3D models for different airplanes, helicopters, vehicles and human
* Animate observation to illustrate to witness for verification
* Note witness position (lat, long, height) manually or using iPad location function
* Note witness comments and time/date of interview
* Checklist for information for each witness that can be collected
* Data is stored locally in SQL database
* Single datasets can be exported via Email and imported in the app on a different iPad.
* All witness positions are shown on the Map
* Mapview 2D top view or 3D
* Import kml or kmz files
* Filter showing witnesses per case
* Multi-Language Support (English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese)

Further detailed information about the method and accident investigations that have applied this method, can be found at www.iwiation.com.

© Dr. M. Bauer 2007-2018

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