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 垃圾分类助手 1.3.9

Garbage sorting assistant - your intelligent garbage sorting and identifying butler

· add Core ML machine learning to train the intelligent recognition model, and the current recognition accuracy is about 90%. More and more abundant recognition resources will strengthen the training of the recognition model and make it more accurate.
· please try to put the garbage under the solid color background when identifying.
· no ads, no ads, no ads.
· one-click photo identification of garbage classification.
· one-click fast search for garbage classification.
· support 3DTouch and quickly open the app.
· can not only tell you the specific garbage classification, but also search the uncommon garbage to tell you its classification!
· if you don't find it, don't be discouraged. Timely feedback to us can help more people after enriching the database.

Note: the results of this software are for reference only. Please refer to the local professional management department for specific classification standards. If you find anything incorrect, please leave a comment and thank you for your support. Thank you very much!

It is said that the people who live in mordor are subjected to the soul torture of the old lady twice a day: "what kind of rubbish are you?"

* recently, the Shanghai municipal people's congress voted to adopt the regulations on the management of domestic waste in Shanghai, which will officially come into effect on July 1, 2019.

* what kind of garbage is an unfinished crayfish head? What kind of garbage is a crayfish shell? What kind of garbage is crayfish meat? Do you understand?

* how to deal with a cup of unfinished milk tea, there are four steps:
The first step is to pour the remaining milk tea into the water outlet;
The second step to pearl, fruit meat and other residues into the wet garbage;
Step 3 put the cup, straw into the dry garbage;
The fourth step is different for tea. If it is a cup with a lid, the plastic cover can be classified as recyclable waste.

* some garbage is really hard to tell what kind of garbage it is.

* spend one dollar today and save two hundred tomorrow. Throwing the wrong garbage may face a fine of 200 yuan, and may affect their credit.

* we need a piece of software to record all kinds of garbage sorting. Garbage sorting assistant was born!!!

Thank you for your support: if you have any questions, please contact wx:shine5211314 for feedback.
thank you

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