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 Manna - One Verse Bible 1.3.7

Are you too busy to read the Bible? Manna is the lightest Bible app for iPhone. Read just some verses a day. You can read Bible at anytime and anyplace with Manna!

Manna shows only one verse in one page.
- So you can read Bible easily at anytime, anyplace
- You can start daily bible study from just reading some verses a day. (Start small, Stay long!)
- It also makes you read Bible more carefully.
- You can easily do bible study with foreign languages. (such as Chineses and Korean)
- You can easily check various Bible translations and commentaries via established reference sites such as Bible Gateway and Bible Hub.
- You can easily share Bible verse images to Instagram. (Touch verse number to copy hashtags)

Manna is different from existing today's verse apps which show popular verse randomly. Existing random Bible verse apps are not suitable for Bible study. Reading Bible verse without contexts sometimes causes arbitrary interpretation and misunderstanding.

It is recommended to use Manna with other Bible app: Manna for daily reading, others for looking up at Church. Manna is your soulmate which makes your iPhone more special.

We recommend you lifelong Bible reading. Let’s read the Bible everyday. But you don’t have to read much a day. Forget reading plan and progress. Reading just some verses at your daily spare time is okay, if it’s not random verse reading which may cause misunderstanding.

Lifelong Bible reading is a huge goal. But we can start from tiny step like just some verses a day. If you try one verse Bible app, you can experience the small but great habit easily, you can read the Bible easily at anytime and anyplace. It’s useful to read the Bible with foreign language also.

Martin Luther said, 'Every Christian must grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and strengthen his faith more and more.'

The first step to walk with the Lord everyday is to read the Bible daily. If you want to listen to God's words as Zacchaeus who just wanted to see Jesus even on a tree, Read the Bible! Enjoy Daily Bible reading with Manna. If you're too busy, read just some verses a day.

Manna provides Bible translations below:
- World English Bible (WEB): It is a revision of the American Standard Version. It's modern-English translations of the entire Bible
- American Standard Version (ASV): It is a Bible translation into English that was completed in 1901. It is considered as one of the most accurate translation.
- King James Version (KJV): For nearly 400 years, and through several revisions of the original, the King James Version has been deeply revered by English-speaking peoples worldwide, not only for the precision of the translation from the original languages, but for the beauty and majesty of the style, which has greatly influenced literature for centuries.
- Korean Revised Version (KRV)
- Chinese Union Version (CUV, traditional and simplified)

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