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 Piano Training Songs 1.0

If you are looking for an application to learn and play piano and musical instruments for mobile devices, then you are in the right place, welcome here where the application Piano training songs is what you are looking for.

We provide you the easiest way to play music, rhythms ,training songs and maqamat, and help you to make your own music in an easy and wonderful way!

The Piano training song application works with about 15 of the musical instruments: piano,Saz, Organ, Guitar, Strings and many other instruments, with real and very realistic sounds and contains inside the same musical layers similar to the real piano with the same high / low grades. You can also control the sounds oriental that comes with the application.

Piano Turkish is the best application for those who are looking for learning the Maqamat and Eastern music modes, where it contains features and specifications of Oriental music (quarter toon). We have also added the characteristic of teaching the eight basic Eastern Maqams (Ajam, Hijaz, Nahawnd, Kurd) , That comes with the application in 28 pictures from which you can choose the manner of any maqam and will show signs indicating the scale of the maqam on the piano, which enables you to perceive the tone of each maqam from any degree.

The App also contains a tool to train some of the most famous western and international music who was played by people, which we will work to develop and increase the number in the future.

You can also record your own musics or songs, and save them in the store room, and play them at another time, You can also send your music to the server where it will be reviewed and published in the training room by the admin.

We have added 120 rhythms of the most beautiful western rhythms, you can play with fast and slow speed, These will help beginners to learn to play piano with the rhythms.

Piano training song application is completely free application and does not contain IAP features, and works Offline most likely.

Application Specifications:
* It contains 25 piano keys for playing and the possibility of converting Any button to the characteristic quarter tone.
* It contains semi-real sounds of piano, Saz, guitar, Trumpt and other instruments.
* It contains the feature of recording and playing music and the possibility of storing dozens of music and play back later.
* It contains the characteristic of teaching the eight basic eastern maqam.
* It contains the most beautiful western rhythms.
* You can control the speed of the rhythm and the low and high volume of the rhythm and music tones.
* The most beautiful and easiest design for graphics and design simplified uncomplicated.
* It contains a training room which contains famous Western songs,
* You can upload your music to the server, where it will be published in your name in the training room if it is acceptable, It will be rated by users.
* Works in Turkish and English languages.

We wish you happy times with the application Piano training song and we
are ready to receive your opinions and your comments on the
comments box to develop the application and you are welcome.

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