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LANDSCAPE MODE AND SIMPLEST POSSIBLE MUSIC PLAYER, with "AI DJ" BUTTON (automatic perfect playlist for you)! PLUS on Landscape, a Time/Day/Date/Battery CLOCK appears.

And it's Universal, it works on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch....

THE "A.I. DJ" BUTTON (aka: "Automatic Instant DJ", or "Artificial Intelligence DJ" if you think that sounds better!!!! Doesn't matter to meee, it's just insanely cool to build an instant playlist of all your songs with a single touch of a button and it is absolutely INSTANT) Automatically, Smartly, Instantly builds you a playlist using all of your music on your device (Smart Genre Builds).

When in Landscape mode a Clock pops up, so you can see time and date and Battery Charge.... for the road, or bedside, or poolside... wherever... For iPad, the clock is always there.

MiMUSIC LANDSCAPE PLAYER is a very simple music player, all artwork and song information is displayed in Landscape and Portrait and very large letters! This App only plays music on your device, no radio, no streaming.

There are 3 Dot Sliders.....
BLUE = Display Brightness
RED = Volume
GREEN = Time Slider Dot that moves to indicated where in the song you are (next update will let you scrub through the music, not this one)

Sooo... why did I do this? Well, I just bought this incredible All Electric Car, a FIAT 500e... and this car includes full integration with the iPhone, it's like one big iPhone! AND this car comes with a TomTom and custom built holder mounted on the Dashboard, that my iPhone 6 Plus fits perfectly into.... BUT, it only holds the phone LANDSCAPE! And the new Apple Music App does not rotate/auto-orient to Landscape. I designed a very simpler, very personal, music app that auto-orients to Landscape, or Portrait mode and only plays my own music on my own device.... it's very, very simple and very fast and very, very easy to read (nice big letters), also has volume control slider and next/last music selector, a clock, day of week, date display, with battery charge level... and shuffle and repeat buttons.... it does everything you need to hear your music and displays the album artwork in a beautiful way! !YAY!


Santa Monica, CA 90402 (Silicon Beach)

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