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 Gypsy Jazz Guitar: Masterclass 1.1.1

Learn to play Gypsy Jazz Guitar alongside world-class guitarist and expert educator Robin Nolan.

Robin is your guide on a musical journey into the world of Gypsy Jazz and the music of Django Reinhardt, Bireli Lagrene, The Rosenberg Trio, and many more icons of this musical style.

You’ll Have Immediate Unlocked Access To Robin’s Classic 4-Part “Gypsy Jam” Masterclass

Here’s what you’ll begin learning today:
- How to pump the Gypsy Rhythm “La Pompe”
- The Chords & Melody to the must-know jam tune “Joseph Joseph”
- A Magical Solo Guitar Intro
- How to improvise a hot guitar solo
- Complete with PDF music charts included

The video lessons you’ll discover inside are ideal for beginner to advanced jazz, rock, blues, and classical, acoustic & electric guitarists.

Here’s what to do next:
- Download this app to your device
- Create your account
- Bingo! You’ll have immediate access to the “Gypsy Jam” Masterclass
- Grab your guitar and let’s get this groove swinging!

Gypsy Jazz Transfusion Club:
Members of Robin’s online Gypsy Jazz Transfusion Club can also use this app to access all exclusive membership content from their mobile device.

About Robin Nolan:
Robin Nolan is one of the world’s best known and most admired gypsy jazz guitarists and has been praised for his musical genius and creativity by Willie Nelson, Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman, and the late George Harrison.

Legendary in the Django Reinhardt world, Robin has headlined every major gypsy jazz festival across the globe & Nolan’s music has taken gypsy jazz into the 21st Century, expanding the musical style by incorporating influences such as The Beatles, Ravi Shankar and AC/DC.

Here’s What Some Of Robin’s Students Have To Say:

"Since joining ‘The Club’ the guitar is unfolding to me in a whole new direction. BR (Before Robin) Gypsy Jazz seemed more of a blur and my limited understanding was of pounding out arpeggios one after another. Frankly, it seemed daunting. AR (after Robin)...I am recognizing more patterns of playing music both in finding notes and much more so in listening. Thank you Robin, I’m loving the Gypsy Jazz Transfusion Club!"
Robert Cerceo, USA

"The Transfusion Club is such a great opportunity to dive deep into the world of Gypsy Jazz. Quick start lessons, detailed song tutorials, expert lessons, live sessions with Robin, a community to discuss all kinds of topics. And every time I think I’ve seen everything, I find something new. My playing gets better and better and people want to sit down and play guitar with me. So come join the club!"
Volker Reichle, Germany

"I needed a system that would take me from where I was to where I want to be. In the Gypsy Jazz Transfusion Club, I found that system delivered by one of the best teachers, plus I have an ongoing source of inspiration and a whole group of like minded new friends. Happy days!"
Andy Clark, UK

"The New Gypsy Jazz Transfusion Club is a great resource and inspiration to get you on your way to playing Gypsy Jazz. Whether you want to focus on rhythm or lead playing, the songs are all the right ones to learn for a jam or gig situation. Robin has covered everything in a way that is clear and concise, and can help anyone learn to play or improve on what they already know. Robin is entertaining and informative and his energy and love for this music is contagious!"
Beth Mead, USA

Download the app now to get started!

Got A Gypsy Jazz Guitar Question?
Email guitar questions to Robin at questions@robinnolan.com

Problems Or Feedback?
We’re always looking to improve. Please do not post bug reports or feature requests as an App Store review. Let us help you in person - contact us at support@robinnolan.com.

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