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 BTC-Pitch 1.0.2

”BTC-Pitch”(Build The Correct Pitch) is a tuner aiming at getting out of tuner dependence by strengthening ears.
We developed it for wind and string instrument players.

BTC-Pitch's tuner function detects the input pitch and outputs the reference note with the correct pitch.
When using a general tuner, you can not judge the actual sound gap with your ears because you rely on pitch display.
If you use “BTC-Pitch” you will be able to tune while confirming the deviation from the reference note with your ear, so you can train your a sense of pitch.
You can also pronounce the reference note manually, and you can train the harmony feeling of 2 sounds by playing the 3rd or 5th note.

In addition to the tuner function, "BTC-Pitch" has two functions for cultivating a sense of pitch.

· Blind test
In the blind test, measure the pitch that you freely play without looking at the tuner display in the background. By looking at the result of measurement, you can know and improve the pitch of a specific pitch and the pitch balance of the whole scale.

· Listening quiz
You can train the sense of pitch by listening quizzes.
The pitch to be presented can be freely set (diatonic or chromatic or pentatonic scale, etc.) within the range of one octave.
Since "BTC-Pitch" does not dare evaluate the result, please do try without hesitation.

These functions consume 1 paid ticket every time the function is activated, but please try by all means since 50 trial tickets are given at the initial installation.We also sell tickets that can be used permanently with a single purchase.

“BTC-Pitch” is recommended to be used with headset such as EarPods attached to iPhone.

iPhone alone can be used, but in that case please set the speaker volume and microphone sensitivity appropriately so that the speaker output does not go around to the microphone input.

If you use a commercially available piezo mic, you can use ”BTC-Pitch” even in an ensemble.

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