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“Vera” means truth in Latin, and VeraQuiz is a genuine source for real world trivia games made by folks who have special hobbies and interests. Even better, the trivia quiz is hosted by a photorealistic sprite (avatar) speaking in the person’s natural voice. Now, direct to your iOS device, you can get a firsthand look at the true interests of real people showing off their knowledge by designing true/false, multiple choice, or pick the correct order quizzes to test their friends and share their expertise. Share your scores on Facebook newsfeeds and/or Twitter, then challenge your friends to play the game. After you start the app, log into social networks under the “First-timers Start Here” button.

Let's build a community. Help us extend the wikiquiz database. Send us your questions on any topic. E-Mail info@verasprite.com .

Our goal is to produce content appropriate for all ages covering a wide range of topics, and when appropriate, add cool photos and short tunes to create a fun multimedia experience.
If you want to see some introductory remarks, we can combine VeraQuiz with our other sprite-hosted blogs in VeraApps. We can share some special tidbits, then flip directly into the quiz by touching the VQ icon in the top right hand corner of VeraApps.

VeraSprite apps are low bandwidth multimedia shows that make sharing the real expertise of real people a pleasure on the iPhone. Low bandwidth means low data usage means lower cost. With an audio-visual experience that takes advantage of the rich graphics and sound fidelity of your iOS device, every VeraSprite experience is perfectly formatted for full screen viewing on an iPhone.

VeraQuiz, real people, real passions, real expertise via VeraSprite(R).

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